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Lake and Flow News - Latest Email Message

Flow Release Plans as of Oct. 5, 2017

We are now on a minimum flow release only from Remmel Dam of about 200 CFS and releases from Blakely and Carpenter will occur briefly every few days in order to maintain lake levels.

DeGray will release a minimum flow release of only about 150 CFS.

Be sure to check out the announcements below. You’ll want to know about the lake drawdown and cleanup opportunities.

This year’s DRAWDOWN will be three feet, Starting November 1.

Entergy Arkansas and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission recently completed the annual vegetation survey. This survey monitors vegetation growth and determines the winter drawdown for both lakes Hamilton and Catherine.  We typically like to alternate between 3’ and 5’. Due to the above normal temperatures of the last couple winters we deviated and did back to back 5’ drawdowns. This year there has been no noticeable increase in undesired aquatic vegetation so we are returning to the 3’ drawdown.

The drawdown will begin on Nov. 1 at a rate of approximately six inches per day. On Nov. 6 the target elevation for Lake Hamilton will be 396.7 with a daily fluctuation range between 397.20 and 396.20. Lake Catherine’s target will be 301.00 with a daily fluctuation range between 300.00 and 302.00.

Trash Bash 2017 -- Saturday October 7

How Many Hippos were Removed from the Lakes last Year?

Would you believe it if we told you THREE… And it only took three hours to do so.

Well…three hippos… if you compared the amount of trash removed during last year’s Trash Bash events to the weight of a hippo.  Over 700 volunteers gathered from all over central Arkansas to help clean up the shorelines and area roads to lakes Catherine, Hamilton and the Ouachita River.

This year marks the 18th year this event is to be held in Garland and Hot Spring County. Over 4 TONS of litter and man-made debris were removed last year. The event is the LARGEST clean-up registered with Keep Arkansas Beautiful.

Eight check stations are to be used - four on Lake Hamilton and four on Lake Catherine. This event is organized by the Trash Bash Council whose members are made up from local businesses, state, city and county government, and concerned private citizens.

The after party is at Garvan Woodland Gardens and includes volunteer t-shirts, a free lunch (BBQ provided by Smokin’ In Style) and a chance to win one of the many donated prizes.

For more information on these yearly events, you can check out the Council’s website: www.arkansastrashbash.org. If you would like to join the council, or donate toward this clean-up effort, please contact the Council’s Chair Clint Coleman at clcoleman@agfc.state.ar.us.


Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lifeonthelakes

(You can hear this message recorded at 501-844-2125.)

For more lake and shoreline information, contact: Kimberly Bogart or 501.844.2116.
For more flow release information, contact: Ted Smethers or 501-844-2125.

We draft two to three editions of the “Life on the Lakes” newsletter and all editions are available through our website, but we currently only mail out the Summer Edition typically in May of each year. You can find the latest copy on the Entergy Hydro Operations entergy.com/hydro website. If you live on the lake and are not receiving our newsletter, send an email to Kimberly Bogart with your name and mailing address.

Disclaimer: This message was provided as a public service by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. There is no guarantee that actual releases or lake level projections will occur as described. We do our best to plan our operations and to accurately communicate those plans, however system conditions are subject to change at a moment's notice and we may not always be available to communicate those changes in a timely fashion.