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Lake and Flow News - Latest Email Message

Flow Release Plans as of April 27, 2017

Yesterday we received between 1.25 and 3.5 inches of rain and we managed to get by with a maximum flow release of about 12,300 CFS. Flows are beginning to subside and we are currently releasing about 5,500 CFS.

The current forecast for Friday night into Saturday is for 5 inches of rain or more. So we will be dropping the lakes about a foot each to get ready for it. Downriver folks should expect to see high flows this weekend. Lakefront property owners should prepare docks and boats for rapidly changing lake levels.

The Ouachita River and its tributaries in Garland County are flash flood prone. We have steep slopes and rocky soils. Due to this recent rainfall the ground is already saturated. The National Weather Service has already issued flash flood warnings for this weekend.  

Lake Ouachita is expected to rise up into the flood pool over the weekend and so you can expect to see increasing and continuous flow releases from Blakely, Carpenter and Remmel over the next several weeks as the Corps works to drop the lake down out of the flood pool should this occur.

DeGray is already up into the flood pool. The Corps will be releasing as much as they can for the next several days. They will go into restriction during the rain event and the lake will rise. Once the rain event is over and the river downstream starts to fall they will resume releases from DeGray as needed to pull it back down out of the flood pool.


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(You can hear this message recorded at 501-844-2125.)

For more lake and shoreline information, contact: Kimberly Bogart or 501.844.2116.
For more flow release information, contact: Ted Smethers or 501-844-2125.

We draft two to three editions of the “Life on the Lakes” newsletter and all editions are available through our website, but we currently only mail out the Summer Edition typically in May of each year. You can find the latest copy on the Entergy Hydro Operations entergy.com/hydro website. If you live on the lake and are not receiving our newsletter, send an email to Kimberly Bogart with your name and mailing address.

Disclaimer: This message was provided as a public service by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. There is no guarantee that actual releases or lake level projections will occur as described. We do our best to plan our operations and to accurately communicate those plans, however system conditions are subject to change at a moment's notice and we may not always be available to communicate those changes in a timely fashion.