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Private Facility Permitting

These guidelines are periodically revised and replace all older versions. Click on the links below for the latest versions.


This year the deadline for new permit applications will be November 30. Applications submitted after the deadline will be worked following the completion of the lake refill.


Single Stall Dock Template Double Stall Dock Template


Information on when and what requires a permit
When are Permits Required (85.45 KB)

Application packet for docks intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Single Family Dock Application Packet (1.6 MB)

Application packet for bank or lake bed disturbance activities
Seawalls, riprap, boat ramp, dredging...
(Note: Same booklet as single family dock application)
Bank Stabilization Boat Ramp Dredge Application Packet (1.6 MB)

Application packet for geothermal loops intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Geothermal Application Packet 2010 (1MB)

List of Shoreline Contractors that have successfully completed training on understanding the Shoreline Facility Guidelines as provided by Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
Shoreline Contractors Directory (20KB)

Transfer Application Packet

All the information to complete your application can be found on one of the links above. If you desire to make an application and have trouble printing the forms or if you have any questions, please call 501-844-2148 for assistance. 

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these profiles. Acrobat Reader is a free Plug-In available from the Adobe site.