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Increasing Energy Efficiency

Helping customers improve energy efficiency continues to play an important role in Entergy's strategy to reduce emissions.
Save Me Money online customer tools offer information on energy efficiency, bill management and assistance programs; programs such as READI offer free residential audit and direct-install programs that include home inspections, installation of energy-efficient products and information on Entergy programs that can increase efficiency.
For business customers, we offer tools to save energy and money, including programs that help us manage peak power usage more effectively. For example, Entergy can install new meters and remote control hardware on irrigation pumps at no charge to agricultural producers who allow us to power off participating wells during peak demand months for limited periods.
Energy-efficiency programs are an integral part of Entergy's Low-Income Customer Assistance Initiative, and they also boost economic development. An Entergy-commissioned study, "Energy Efficiency Equals Economic Development," determined a significant economic multiplier for low-income energy efficiency -- every dollar invested produces $23 in economic impact.

Since 2007, Entergy Arkansas has carried on that tradition with a menu of 15 energy efficiency programs to help customers use less electricity. The suite of programs is called Entergy Solutions. These programs are part of Entergy Arkansas' strategy to invest and modernize and develop economic supply solutions. In 2016, Entergy presented to the Arkansas Public Service Commission its largest energy-efficiency program filing so far; requesting approval to spend $189 million for customer incentives and other program costs over three years beginning in 2017.
Entergy is also working toward supporting portfolio transformation, Entergy Arkansas, Inc. recently received regulatory approval for an 81 MW PPA with a new solar farm and ELL and ENO have publicly announced renewable energy requests for proposals to secure up to 200 MW and 20 MW, respectively.


Protecting our Gulf Coast Communities:

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Environment2020 provides further direction and improvement over the next 10 years, as outlined in our Integrated Report.

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