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Types of Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Charging
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Environmental Impact
Entergy Research Projects
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Welcome to Entergy's Electric Vehicle Home Page

Since the 1970's there have been numerous government and auto industry efforts to boost gasoline mileage and find alternative fuel vehicles to reduce the dependence on foreign oil as well as reduce air pollution from vehicle exhaust. In recent years there have been significant advances in vehicles powered fully or in part by electricity. These vehicles come in different sizes and prices with varying levels of emissions, fuel efficiency, and performance capabilities. Entergy is studying technical developments and sales levels of these new vehicles and closely working with industry experts to prepare the grid for safely and effectively supplying electric fuel to electric vehicles.

car Types of Electric Vehicles
Learn about the different types of EVs and how they work.
Environmental Impact
Are EVs better for our environment?

charging Electric Vehicle Charging
Learn about the different charging stations available for residential and commercial applications.
Entergy EV Research Projects
How is Entergy participating in EV research?
purchaseconsid Purchase Consideration
Learn about the costs of owning an electric vehicle.
Entergy Near-Term EV Strategy
Find out Entergy's strategy for staying active in EV developments.

Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about EVs and EV charging.

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Legal Disclaimer:  Entergy does not manufacture, sell, lease, install or maintain electric vehicles or charging stations.  Any decision to use these technologies is a personal one and should be based on each consumer's individual facts and circumstances and the specifics of the transaction.  No statement on this website is intended to endorse or discourage the use of electric vehicles or charging stations or any person or company in the business of manufacturing, selling, leasing, installing or maintaining electric vehicles or charging stations.