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Use Your Power to Make a Difference

2010 Low Income Initiative Progress Report

Use Your Power to Make a Difference

Groceries. Lights. Medication. Pick two.

Sadly, many elderly and disabled individuals face these dire choices every day.

Through The Power to Care, nonprofit agencies in your local community provide emergency bill payment assistance to seniors and disabled individuals in crisis.

Not one cent of the donations is used for fundraising or administrative purposes-100 percent of your contribution will go to help those in need. In fact, 200 percent of your contribution goes to help the needy; The Power to Care doubles the impact of new pledges and one-time donations through matching shareholder contributions-up to $500,000 annually.

Think of the difference we can make together: if you donate $50, Entergy shareholders will donate a matching $50, multiplying the good your investment does. Give $100 and it becomes $200, and so on.

You have the ability to rescue those in need. To keep your local neighbors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. To keep their cook tops and stoves working. To bring light-and hope-to the lives of elderly and disabled people right in your own community.

Will there be matching funds for my donation?

The Power to Care works like this: Entergy customers, employees and retirees contribute funds each month through their bills and paychecks. Entergy shareholders then match new customer donations up to $500,000; employee contributions are matched dollar-for-dollar. These contributions remain in the state where the donor lives and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

How are the funds distributed?

When a low-income elderly or disabled customer faces an urgent financial situation such as a medical emergency, accident or skyrocketing natural gas prices, he or she is directed to one of Entergy's partner agencies, which administers the fund. One of Entergy's local partner agencies, such as the Salvation Army or Southern Good Faith Fund and others, screens applicants for eligibility, level of need and accuracy of the request. For eligible people, the partner agency writes a check that is applied directly to the customer's account.

Are there any administrative costs?

The Power to Care funds cannot get lost, stolen or used for any other purpose, and administrative costs are paid by Entergy, so 100 percent of every donation goes directly to help those in need.

How you can help.

You have the power to make a real difference. Please make a contribution to The Power to Care today. You can donate online at http://www.entergy.com/thepowertocare and choose your local Entergy link, or write a check and send it to:

The Power to Care
P.O. Box 3797
Little Rock, AR 72203

We thank you-and so will the thousands of people whose lives you will improve.

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