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Channeling The Power to Care — Kathryn Hollabaugh

When we hear that a low-income elderly or disabled customer faces an urgent financial situation-a medical emergency, accident or other financial distress—he or she is directed to one of Entergy's partner agencies administering The Power to Care fund. Entergy's partnering agencies screen applicants for eligibility and then do their part to address both the immediate need and the longer-term situation.

For example, Kathryn Hollabaugh had been doing fine, living in a rented manufactured home and managing her expenses on $800 a month from Social Security. In June 2009, as she was returning from the drug store to have a prescription filled, Kathryn's van was hit by another vehicle. The wreck pinned her underneath it. She was flown from the scene to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston where she spent 71 days.

"I broke my neck, six ribs and I don't know what else," Kathryn sighs. "The doctors fused my neck and told my son there was no reason I should be alive. They also said if I did live I would be a quadriplegic.

"But I was able to work four and a half hours in my yard yesterday," she says proudly.

The medical and prescription expenses from the wreck left her behind in paying her bills. As someone who has always been a giver, Kathryn had a lot of trouble asking for help with her bills. "It's a humbling experience, I'll tell you," she says.

Thanks to contributions to The Power to Care fund, Kathryn was able to get assistance so she could keep her lights, heat and air conditioning on, as she got caught up on her other bills. She now lives on her own again.

"God is my healer," Kathryn explains. "There's no reason I should be here, but I'm here. And I don't plan to go anywhere."

We are thankful for Kathryn's recovery. And for people like you, who helped her and thousands more through The Power to Care.

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Want to know more about how The Power to Care helped Kathryn Hollabaugh in her time of need? Visit our Power to Care page to learn how your charitable giving helps others in your community.

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