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Saving Energy. Saving Money. Building Dreams — Joyce Armstead

Joyce Armstead says she is 73 years old but she sure doesn't sound like it. Spend even a few moments with Joyce, a native of Louisiana, and you will understand you are dealing with a sharp woman who has definitely earned the title of "survivor."

While uprooted by the hurricanes of 2005, Joyce's husband of 40 years passed away. "It was hard to come home without Milton," she says. "It was hard to get adjusted to living here when I came back."

Along with the trauma and grief of losing a spouse, Joyce had to deal with contract fraud. A man who promised to do repairs on her hurricane-damaged home didn't live up to his part of the bargain—an all-too-common problem in devastated areas.

"I had to do that alone without having dealt with a contractor before," she says. "After I got back, well, there was a lot that hadn't been done. I had to live without hot water for awhile."

Being a survivor, Joyce pushed on and tended her house. Alerted to Entergy's weatherization program by Catholic Charities, Joyce was able to see several updates to her home.

"They caulked the windows and replaced the light fixtures with those curly bulbs, you know," she says. "They insulated my house. It's nice and comfortable now. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They were all experts in whatever they did."

Joyce notes the man from Entergy came out several times to make sure things were working right. As for her neighborhood, Joyce says all of her neighbors are back except four houses. She is glad for this because "everybody knows each other here. We check up on each other."

She knows she's been through a real tough patch. She is willing to acknowledge the rough times but doesn't want to dwell on them.

"I try to be a survivor," she says. "Sometimes even survivors break, but you bounce back."

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Want to know more about how Entergy employees helped weatherize Joyce Armstead's house? Visit our ENsight page for helpful tips on reducing your energy bills and making your home more energy efficient.

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