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2010 Low Income Report
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2010 Commitments

2010 Low Income Initiative Progress Report

2010 Commitments

  • Develop a comprehensive 10-year strategic plan that establishes a framework to achieve Entergy's goal of taking our states out of the "Top 10" poverty list.
  • Maintain or increase financial resources to help our customers manage their bills. This will include working to increase LIHEAP funding to $7.6 billion, developing new campaigns for The Power to Care, and supporting energy efficiency efforts and education.
  • Educate customers and advocates on new online account tools, energy issues, climate change and energy efficiency.
  • Promote a better understanding of low-income and elderly customers and their needs, resulting in a positive impact on the lives of individuals living in poverty in our region.
  • Continue to promote legislation and influence the regulatory environment to help our customers move to self-sufficiency.

Work With Us

There can be no doubt that there are thousands of our neighbors who need and deserve a hand. Over the years, research has found again and again that assistance to deprived families and persons can help release the grip of poverty.

Assistance can take many forms—from direct financial help to volunteering to lobbying for beneficial legislation to rebuilding communities to fighting the predators who seem to always be found among the poor.

We know it will not be a quick-fix effort. It took centuries to create the lingering problems here in our part of the United States. There is no magic solution. But there are dedicated people here at Entergy and in the communities we serve who believe it is worth the challenge to help those in need.

You can help by continuing to support The Power to Care. And if there are other ways you want to get involved, just call a member of Entergy's Low-Income Champions Team. We know lots of ways you can make a difference in the community.


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