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Supplier Certification & Pre-Qualification Process

Supplier Pre-Qualification and Registration System Steps 

Welcome to Entergy Corporation’s Supplier Pre-Qualification, Registration and Certification system for tracking information from its current and potential suppliers. Within this system, suppliers will be able to submit their information to Entergy Corporation quickly, easily and efficiently. Suppliers will have the convenience of accessing the system online from any computer and at any time. Furthermore, suppliers will now be able to update their company information, upload their certification information and ensure that their information with Entergy Corporation is accurate and current.

Entergy’s pre-qualification process ensures that companies can provide quality products and services needed while conforming to the company’s highest standards of safety and relevant documentation. All suppliers are asked to complete an electronic application through our third-party verification portal that acts as administrator on behalf of Entergy. The primary purpose of this process is to increase visibility of qualified suppliers throughout the Entergy system.

By utilizing Entergy’s Qualification system, suppliers will be able to: 

  • Electronically submit information substantiating their qualifications to provide products and services to Entergy.
  • Provide the appropriate designation regarding ownership status (i.e., minority, women, veterans, disabled veterans, HUB Zone, etc.) with appropriate certification.
  • Utilize the system for entering safety and compliance related information.

Purpose of Entergy’s Qualification system 

  • To serve as the central repository for validation of services (i.e., insurance, certifications, licenses, safety programs, rating, financial reports, etc.).
  • Primary source of current contact information, which suppliers will be able to update as needed.

How do I know if I am a Diverse Supplier?

  • You are a diverse supplier if at least 51% or more of your business is owned and operated by one or more of the following:
    • Minority Owned Business (Black, East Asian, American Indian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Aleuts, Etc...)
    • Woman Owned Business
    • Veteran Owned Business
    • Veteran Disabled Owned Business
    • Disadvantaged Business
    • Hub Zone Business

If I am a Diverse Supplier, as defined above, how do I register with Entergy?