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Welcome to Hydro Operations

Office hours are Monday – Thursday
By appointment only
Call 501-844-2148

Summer Time Lake Levels
Lake Hamilton: 398.9’ – 399.9’
Lake Catherine: 303’ – 305’

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Spring 2017 Refill Dates Announced

The annual refill of both Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine will begin on March 3 and be completed by March 13 this year. Lake levels will be raised about six inches per day. Both lakes are drawn down each year typically either three feet or five feet on an alternating basis as a natural method to help control the growth of vegetation. The 2016/2017 drawdown was five feet, according this schedule, we anticipate the 2017/2018 drawdown to be for three feet but the actual drawdown depth will be determined in August after a field inspection of the lake by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and Entergy.

The annual drawdown will take place between the dates of Nov. 1 and Nov. 10 each fall.

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Lakes Hamilton and Catherine are a part of Project 271, a hydroelectric project licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Entergy operates these lakes and associated lands subject to the license issued and administered by FERC. FERC's license requires Entergy to manage use and occupancy of project lands and waters for public use and recreation.

This page was prepared by Entergy to provide the public with much-needed information about the project, its management, and what rights and responsibilities the public has to use of the project lands and water.

Entergy maintains and operates, but does not own the Toledo Bend Reservoir, on the Sabine River where it borders Texas and Louisiana. Toledo Bend, near the towns of Burkeville, Texas, and Many, La., is capable of generating 80 megawatts of power.