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Public Safety On The Water

We care about your safety. Before going out on the lake, remember the following basic water safety tips. 

Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio. This will keep you informed of changing severe weather conditions.

  • Obey all boating laws.
  • Reduce your boat’s speed in congested areas.
  • Hypothermia Kills - Dress properly and always wear a life jacket.
  • Beware of shallow areas, underwater obstructions and floating debris when boating.
  • Exercise extreme caution when operating sailboats in the vicinity of overhead utility lines.
  • Obey the Rules of the Road when boating.
  • Alcohol mixed with boating can be lethal.
  • Children, 12 years & younger must wear a US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket.
  • State law requires you to slow down to 5-mph speed limit when within 100 feet of all docks, swimmers, bridges and anchored boats. Turn on your navigational lights at night.
  • Water levels above and below the dams are subject to fluctuations without warning; obey all warning signs and sirens.


  • Skiing is dangerous for non-swimmers.
  • Always wear an approved life jacket.
  • Stay in open water and watch for swimmers.
  • Always have an observer on board.


  • Check the water depth before you dive.
  • Swim with others - not by yourself.
  • Avoid the regular boat channels, launching ramps and docks.
  • Swim, dive and wade where you are familiar with the water depth & the bottom. 
  • Life jackets, they float -- you don’t.
  • Watch Children closely.
  • Know your abilities because water distances are deceiving.
  • Never rely on toys such as inner tubes and water wings to stay afloat.