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Entergy's Environmental Performance

On an emissions-per-megawatt-produced basis, Entergy is one of the cleanest utilities in the U.S. Direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from Entergy's power plants, Graph 1,  are measured by continuous emissions monitors and are reported and verified in accordance with detailed federal quality assurance regulations. Entergy strives to continually lower its emissions profile from the electric generating fleet through nuclear uprates and gas turbine power development strategies, such as our recently completed Ninemile 6 combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) unit.

Entergy is the nation's 7th largest generator of electricity yet the company's emission rate is below average for SO2 & NOx and significantly below average for CO2. The company has made continuous improvement in emission rates since 2000 and by growing its CCGT capacity will have much lower emission rates by 2020. Entergy's goal is to grow its CCGT capacity 33% by 2020, Graph 2. 

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