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Diversity and Inclusion

Good Corporate Citizen

Entergy has a long history of support for the community, and we believe that reinvesting in the communities where we live and work will enhance the vitality and quality of life in those areas that are, in large part, responsible for our success. We recognize the importance of turning good intentions into positive action. It's not only good business. It is also simply the right thing to do.

Entergy serves one of the most poverty stricken areas of the nation -- the Mississippi River Delta. According to statistics released by the Children's Defense Fund, three of the nation's ten counties with the highest child poverty rates are in Louisiana and Mississippi, states that Entergy serves. Eleven of the thirty-eight counties with child poverty rates higher than even the poorest U.S. cities are rural counties in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi -- all in Entergy's service area. New Orleans, Entergy's headquarters city, has the third-highest child poverty rate in the nation. More than 40 percent of New Orleans children (51,707 out of 127,566 persons under age 18) live in poverty.

In recognition of these issues, in 1999 Entergy became the first U.S. electric utility to sponsor a Low-Income Customer Assistance Summit. Since the 1999 Summit, Entergy has maintained a close relationship with a diverse group of national, regional and local institutions from a multi-state area to address the needs of customers – from issues like affordable energy to literacy.

In 2000, Entergy unveiled the Entergy Charitable Foundation, a non-profit dedicated primarily to assisting other charitable institutions that focus on low-income customer initiatives, education and literacy programs throughout the company's service territory. Since 2000, Entergy and the Entergy Charitable Foundation have contributed more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations that help low income individuals and families break the cycle of poverty. Typical programs funded include job training, education, literacy, affordable housing initiatives and asset creation.

Through Entergy’s innovative The Power to Care program, local nonprofit agencies are able to provide emergency bill payment assistance to seniors and disabled individuals in crisis.  All individual donations are matched dollar for dollar by Entergy’s shareholders, helping to ensure that a choice does not have to be made between medical care and utility service.

For more information on Entergy's corporate philanthropy, go to "Our Community".

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